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in 4 moves

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Our ambition is to positively change the world one move at a time.
What’s yours?

In a complex, unpredictable, ever-changing world, novel ideas and bold moves drive success. We focus on 4 moves that make THE difference to organisational success.

Thriving, striving, or just about surviving; the 4 moves will fast-track your journey from strategy to reality whatever your sector, location, challenge or opportunity.

We work with all sorts of organisations (businesses, social enterprises, public bodies, NGOs, emerging Unicorns), large and small, across the globe, to create strategic success and drive social change.


Some play the game while others change the game

Change the world in 4 moves!


Step into our tardis

Bring another dimension to your strategic dialogue


We’re working on a wicked problem

What’s your problem?



How to master the art with working with the future.


SHAPESHIFTER with Debbie Seunarayan

New podcast coming soon.


COVID Cornucopia

Working with an unpredictable future


SHAPESHIFTER with Debbie Seunarayan

New podcast coming soon.


Wouldn’t it be great to see around corners? We use scenario planning to help you do just that.

Successful cultures propagate their memes, just like genes.

Identify, demystify, and make progress on the wicked problems that seem too big or too difficult to solve.

Align and amplify the power of collective intelligence in support of your cause.