Shapeshifter Tribe

Master the art of working with the future
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Debbie Seunarayan

Organisations that make it big and survive
the test of time are shapeshifters.

Some play the game while others change the game.

Organisations that make it big and survive the test of time are shapeshifters. Shapeshifters generate a strategy supple enough to adapt to changing environments and they disrupt themselves and the world around them to bring about positive change. In a volatile world that is changing at an ever-accelerating rate, it’s time our approach to strategy and innovation changed too.

If your strategic thinking has become stuck, your ability to innovate has lost its creative edge or people just aren’t that excited about what you do anymore, this book is for you. Within its pages you will encounter 4 moves that will enable you to take strategy to reality by working with the emerging future rather than ignoring, resisting or avoiding it. Using the ideas in this book, your organisation can change the game and you can create the future you wish to see.

Shapeshifter will help you to experiment with new ways of thinking, doing and being that can better equip your leaders and organisation as they venture into the great unknown. For the explorers amongst you, ready to embark on a new journey, help is at hand. Within the book you will find a map of the journey in the form of a detailed maturity model alongside case-studies from emerging shapeshifters in action. Shapeshifter will provide you and your organisation with the necessary tools to master the art of working with the future. If you’re serious about your organisation’s future this book is a must read.

In shapeshifter you’ll learn about:

  • The fundamental problems encountered in strategic thinking and how to think better by thinking differently.
  • The 4 moves that shapeshifter organisations make to take their strategy to reality
  • How to develop a supple strategy that will serve you well in multiple potential futures
  • How and why to build a meta-tribe
  • Wicked problems and how to harness them as a force for good
  • When and how to engage in wicked thinking
  • What it takes to build a magical movement
  • How leaders can become positive disruptors

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