Transcend Tribes
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Successful cultures propagate their memes, just like genes.

We codify the culture you need to succeed, and help you to shape, align, evolve and mobilise your meta-tribe through structure, process, transparent and engaging discourse and co-creation activities.

Our approach creates new myths, legends and heroes, and powerful causes. We draw on the principles of memetics, hive mind and swarm intelligence, and we harness the power of positive deviants in your midst. We leverage neuroscience to find the levers that matter and use storytelling to create a web of meaning and to generate belief in a shared future.

We’re practiced at integrating two or more cultures into a new all-encompassing culture that transcends established tribes and creates a powerful meta-tribe. Working on wicked problems across cultural boundaries is a powerful way to enhance understanding, forge new bonds and develop greater belief and alignment.

A congruent culture will enable:

  • Alignment towards a shared purpose
  • Clarity of values and cultural identity
  • Principle based decision making leading to greater autonomy
  • Authentic and unselfish prioritisation
  • Slick value chains and processes
  • Powerful employee experience and engagement


Successful cultures propagate their memes, just like genes.

Identify, demystify, and make progress on the wicked problems that seem too big or too difficult to solve.

Align and amplify the power of collective intelligence in support of your cause.