About Gallus

Strategy to reality

How we work

  • Our ambition is to positively change the world, one move at a time.
  • Our mission is to co-create the future and to generate sustainable value and growth in an increasingly complex and unpredictable world:
  • Our methods spark debate, create shared ambition, and co-create practical and enduring solutions.
  • Our approach drives clarity, generates momentum and cultivates the strategic capabilities critical to success.

We work with you to future proof your strategy, untangle your wicked problems, and capture the pivotal moments for change. 

In a nutshell we take you from strategy to reality…

We drive:


Deep thinking; broad thinking; different thinking; thinking beyond current constraints and paradigms


Removing taboos and forging deeper understanding and broader perspective


Conscious, practical experimentation and evaluation; in the real world and in simulated future worlds, to drive continuous innovation


Aligning and co-creating to drive positive momentum in the navigation of wicked problems

Our 10 guiding principles:


It’s all connected (as the ancient mystics predicted & quantum physicists discovered)


There’s a pattern to everything 


It’s there for everyone – and everyone should have the chance to participate


The truth is typically somewhere in the middle


Start where you are – take a big dose of reality and forgiveness for past mistakes


Nothing is taboo – courageous conversations are critical


Ritual makes habit, makes reality


Best fit often trumps best practice


To flit between think | do | be and imagine | play |become is to become agile


Be a force for good – only do what is ethical and makes a positive contribution to the world

The Tesseract

Our logo is based upon the tesseract, a shape used to represent the isolation and manipulation of the fourth dimension – time. We like to play with time a lot and we’re in good company…


uses the tesseract as a physical representation of time that can be freely travelled through

A wrinkle in time

uses the concept of the tesseract as a wormhole to a fifth dimension – a portal from one area of space time to another


The Marvel Universe contains a tesseract that has the ability to teleport objects from one point in the universe to another

Our team

Debbie Seunarayan



People always comment on how good she is at joining the dots in complex situations and identifying impactful levers for change.


With an insatiable curiosity about just about anything she has what some might describe as an addiction to books. One of those annoying people who have 4 or 5 books on the go at any one time.


As a long-suffering West Ham United fan she knows what it takes to dig deep. When the going gets tough she bounces back with renewed belief and vigour


Her future self wants to have a small-holding with Llamas. For now she enjoys nothing more than snuggling up with her dogs, a good book, and a nice cup of tea.

Andrew Seunarayan



Interested in all things sporty he has dabbled in most sports and enjoys watching any. His punditry is legendry; when watching sport on TV he has an irritating knack of saying exactly what the commentator or studio pundit is just about to say, just before they say it! A qualified personal trainer he encourages everyone around him to move more. He’s also rather a tidy darts player … with lightning speed mental arithmetic


Lucky for some; he always considers luck to have been on his side and typically sees the bright side in most situations. His banter keeps the mood up and feet firmly on the ground


a music lover with an eclectic taste across all genres, he cannot resist the urge to move when the music starts (he has cleared dancefloors with his moonwalking). Unfortunately, his singing abilities have not reached the same heights and he is affectionately known by friends and family as ‘5 keys Seunarayan’ for his ability to sing any tune in 5 keys simultaneously.


Hot, hot, hot is how he likes his food. Dried chillies or hot pepper sauce is added to pretty much everything he eats – be warned if you’re tempted to steal food from his plate!