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Wouldn’t it be great to be able to see around corners?
We use scenario planning to help you do just that…

We move from the world that is to focus on the world that’s coming, examining the as-is world for clues and exploring the what-if world for risks and opportunities.

We then develop strategy that is supple enough to anticipate, navigate and create the future.

Through the co-creation of a range of possible, plausible and challenging futures, we take your strategic dialogue to another level.

Together we unearth assumptions, identify emerging indicators of the future, develop a range of strategic options, and influence the future strategic context towards the one you want through lobbying and engagement.

The scenarios process creates new patterns of thinking, fosters collaboration, hones judgement, accelerates decision making, and creates a stronger team.

Scenarios will help you to:

  • Future proof strategy
  • Generate strategic options
  • Create the dashboard
  • Influence and engage stakeholders
  • Create a more agile team
  • Navigate ambiguity and complexity
  • Shape the future


Successful cultures propagate their memes, just like genes.

Identify, demystify, and make progress on the wicked problems that seem too big or too difficult to solve.

Align and amplify the power of collective intelligence in support of your cause.